All About the Mountains of Red Ledges Luxury Community

Mt. Timpanogos at Red Ledges
View of Mt. Timpanogos from Red Ledges

For most people, it’s the stunning mountain ranges and colorful red rocks that come to mind when they think of Utah. At Red Ledges, the backdrop of these spectacular mountains is what makes our luxury private community unique. Amid a setting of snow-capped mountains and resplendent red rocks, you’ll find inspiration, relaxation, and a community you can hold close. Since the beginning of our mountain community, the Red Ledges developers have chosen to pay homage to the Utah mountains through the names of the streets. As you drive through the community, you will find the names of famous Utah peaks and mountain ranges. Learn more about a few of them below. 

Mt. Timpanogos:

Mt. Timpanogos is one of the most recognizable peaks in Utah. It’s part of the Wasatch Mountains and is the second highest peak at 11,749 ft. The hike to the summit is beautiful. Our Red Ledges Activities Director, Stephanie Potempa, leads an annual hike of Mt. Timpanogos each year. The views of Mt. Timpanogos from Red Ledges are part of what makes our luxury community so unique. Learn more about Mt. Timpanogos here.

Kings peak: 

Kings Peak, located in the Uinta Mountain Range, is the tallest mountain in Utah with the summit at 13,528 feet. Learn more about Kings Peak here.

Explorer Peak

Explorer Peak is located in the Ashley National Forest in northeastern Utah. Its peak is 12,708 feet. Read more about Explorer Peak here.

Ibapah Peak: 

Ibapah Peak is located in the Deep Creek Mountain range in Juab County, Utah. Its peak is 12,087 feet. Find out more about Ibapah Peak here.


A1 Peak is located in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Its peak is 12,000 ft. Learn more about A1 Peak here.

Bald Mountain: 

Bald Mountain is part of the High Uintas and sits in between Wasatch and Summit Counties. Its summit is 11,943 ft. Because of its proximity to Red Ledges, Because of its proximity to Red Ledges, Bald Mountain is one of our members’ favorite hikes. Learn more about Bald Mountain here

Mt Nebo:

Mt. Nebo is part of the Wasatch Mountain Range and is the highest peak in both Utah County and the Wasatch Mountain Range. Its peak is 11,928 ft. Learn more about Mt. Nebo here

Abajo Peak:

Abajo Peak is located near the town of Monticello in southern Utah. It is part of the Manti-La Sal National Forest and has a peak of 11,360 ft. Learn more about Abajo Peak here

Corral Peak:

Corral Mountain is located south of Provo Peak. Its peak reaches 10,435 ft. Learn more about Corral Peak here

Signal Peak: 

Signal Peak is 15 miles northeast of St. George. It is part of the Pine Valley Mountains in the Dixie National Forest. Its peak is 10,365 ft. Read more about Signal Peak here.

Lookout Peak:

Lookout Peak is located in the foothills of the Salt Lake Valley. As one of the higher summits in the foothills, its peak is 8,954 ft. Learn more about Lookout Peak here