Whether you are a novice rider looking for a new hobby, an experienced rider looking to sharpen your skills or simply looking for a new opportunity to spend time with loved ones, Red Ledges equestrian programs are sure to have a horseback riding experience to fit your needs.

In partnership with equestrian expert KB HORSES, Red Ledges offers organized group and private trail rides, winter sleigh rides, wagon rides, and private horseback riding lessons. This six-class series educates riders on catching, leading, tying, grooming, saddling, bridling and riding. Upon completion, participants are ready to own or lease a horse.

Equestrian Programs

Private Trail Rides

Come meander Red Ledges’ magnificent red rock outcroppings on one of our well-trained, sure-footed, kind-minded, friendly horses. Let us tailor a guided ride to suit your abilities and create an unforgettable experience for you.

Red Rock Ride – 1-hour trail ride
$55 member/$69 non-member

Juniper Forest Ride – 2-hour trail ride
$85 member / $99 non-member

Eagle’s Nest Ride – 3-hour trail ride*
$115 member/$129 non-member
*Snack and drink included

View From Above Ride – Half day trail ride**
$170 member/$185 non-member
**Lunch and drink included

For more information about our seasonal equestrian programs, please submit the form below or call
(435) 657-4080.

Horsemanship 101

By the time you complete the 12-hour, 6-lesson course, you’ll have enough information and experience to lease and ride a horse unguided. Price – $745

Each lesson has three segments:

Segment 1 – Review and discussion of an entertaining reading assignment from the course book

Segment 2 – Observation of the instructor while they demonstrate the lesson material

Segment 3 – Participation with the instructor as they coach the student through the lesson material

Wagon / Sleigh Rides

For those who prefer to ride behind a horse instead of on one, let us take you for a tour of the award winning Red Ledges, Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course where views of the Heber Valley abound. Our two Clydesdales “Butch” and “Sundance” will pull you in our Amish hand-made wagon while you enjoy stunning views of Red Ledges, the Heber Valley and Mount Timpanogos in a way few have the opportunity to experience.

45-60 minutes (5 people)
$200 + $45 each additional person

Rides include: cookies, cakes, breads and lemonade (summer) or hot cocoa and hot cider (winter).

Chuck Wagon Dinner Rides

Jump on our Amish hand-made wagon and enjoy a scenic wagon ride around Red Ledges with our Clydesdales “Butch” and “Sundance”. Upon your return you’ll find an authentic Texas BBQ meal and learn how to rope and paint a horse. It’s a night you, your family and guests won’t forget!

$85 for age 12 and older
$45 for ages 4-11
Children age 3 and under are FREE

Horse Boarding

Give your horse the best possible life it can enjoy. Our facilities include a several-acre, shared corral where horses can socialize and live in a herd as they would in the wild while being supervised and cared for by our capable and experienced staff. Enjoy working your horse in our 60’ Round Pen and in our 100’ x 60’ Arena. We offer private corrals, stall/paddock combos, a birthing stall and turnout. Summer Boarding includes grass/alfalfa mix hay fed 3x/day, heated water, free choice mineral blocks, clean when possible, check 3x/ day.

Shared Corral – $400/month

Private Corral – $450/month

Stall/Paddock – $500/month

Horse Leasing

Enjoy all the pleasures of owning a horse with non of the headaches. We’ll match you with an equine companion and provide all necessary tack. Have a guide accompany you on rides for $25/hour.

*Completion of Horsemanship – 101 is required to lease.

Half Lease: $400/month (Allows access to horse 12x a month)

Full Lease: $650/month (Allows access to horse 24x a month)

Equestrian Program Registration

KB Horses requires a credit card to confirm all reservations and has a 72 hour cancellation policy for all riding packages and lessons. Cancellations within 72 hours will be charged the full amount of the services reserved. Hotel cancellation policies may be different if you are booking a Stay and Play package; please refer to your confirmation e-mail for these details. Prices subject to change.

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