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Community Landscape Supervisor

Primary Responsibilities: To assist and support the Community Association Manager in maintaining an attractive, safe, and pleasing environment for our residents. We are looking for a hands-on grounds’ keeper with landscape and irrigation experience that can help us as we grow. We need someone that can identify needed repairs/adjustments in existing irrigation systems to improve water use efficiency. You identify plants that are stressed, recommend a course of action to save, or recommend new plant choices (deer and drought resistant) and install new planting. You will be able to work alongside our maintenance, construction, and code enforcement crews.

This person will perform routine maintenance in the community common areas and ensure Community Code compliance.

Full Time Seasonal – March 1 through October 1 (plus or minus two weeks either direction depending on weather conditions)

75% of day will be on property
25% of day will be in office for administrative tasks


  • Landscape experience:
    • • Knowledge and experience with water-wise landscape plant selection, install and maintenance.
    • • Knowledge and experience with efficient landscape irrigation
    • • Knowledge and experience with identifying struggling plants and the cause of stress
  • • Initiative-taking with attention to detail
  • • Ability to track and maintain hours, materials, costs, and paperwork for payroll and billing purposes
  • • Is an effective communicator; written and verbal. Resourceful, Friendly, Kind & Thoughtful
  • • Is not restricted by bending, twisting, lifting, walking, climbing or other physical exerted activities
  • • Willing to work outdoors in year-round conditions (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) Able lift a minimum of 50 lbs.

Job Duties

Common Area Maintenance tasks and responsibilities:

  • • Provide supervision/direction to in-house staff and subcontractors in the Red Ledges Community Association.
  • • Preseason inspection of all Red Ledges maintained landscape (neighborhood and common area)
    • ○ Report overall health of landscape
    • ○ Advise on immediate plate replacement
    • ○ Report and document stressed plants
    • ○ Recommend additional new annual planting
  • • Spring refresh
    • ○ Compile a list of plants that need to be replaced
    • ○ Advise plants to order (like or substitute)
    • ○ Look for opportunities to substitute drought/wildlife resistant plants wherever possible
    • ○ Compile a list of plants to be ordered
    • ○ Work with Landscaper to source, order, schedule delivery and install plantings
    • ○ Oversee mulch replacement
  • • Regular Season: Daily
    • ○ Oversee and assist community landscape maintenance person
    • ○ Create daily tasks—daily weeding of beds, daily cleaning of property, Special tasks as assigned
    • ○ Work with community landscaper to set and manage daily/weekly project expectations and workflow
    • ○ Inspect all subcontractor work and insure
    • Respond to all owner requests
    • ○ Meet with owners as needed to determine landscaping needs
      • • Recommend actions:
        • ○ Community Association based on budget restraints
        • ○ Owner landscape additions (owner cost)
        • ○ Assist owner in putting together proposal for ARC review
    • ○ Anticipate and communicate site conditions including inclement weather events
    • ○ Maintain and manage an agile and responsive workflow

  • • Regular Season: Weekly:
    • ○ Inspection of irrigation systems to and advise Landscaper of areas that may need coverage adjustment
      • • Seasonal:
      • • Changing weather conditions
      • • Plant requirements
    • ○ Plant evaluation
      • • Identify Landscape that may need attention and advise
      • • Make adjustments as needed
    • ○ Ensure high quality service and execution
    • ○ Order and receive materials in a streamlined and timely manner
    • ○ Maintain adherence to project construction schedule
    • ○ Submit daily project reports including receipts for project-related expenses
    • ○ Help facilitate and actively participate in project management and debrief meetings
    • ○ Ensure hours worked by project are correctly logged daily using time management software
  • • Weed Abatement:
    • ○ Constantly monitor property looking for weeds prior to them becoming an issue
    • ○ Schedule and supervise weed abatement application
  • • Fall Clean Up and Fall inventory of plant condition
    • ○ Make recommendations for following year:
      • • Replacement
      • • Additions
    • ○ Propose any major projects for following year

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