Dogs of Red Ledges

Dogs of Red Ledges: Meet Sundance Meisner

Who are your dog parents and what is your favorite thing about them? Lisa and Bill Meisner. My mom and dad are always doing something; golfing, taking Stephanie’s classes, going for walks, and more, but they always include me and make me the center of their universe! What is your name? And, where did the […]

Dogs of Red Ledges: Meet Cody Hindy

Let’s start with the basics… My name is Cody. When I was adopted from Paws for Life Utah (, on September 14, 2017 as a five year old, my name was Cubbie. Since my humans aren’t Chicago Cub fans, they changed my name to something similar – Cody – which I love! Who are your […]

Dogs of Red Ledges: Meet Mozzie

We are excited to share stories about the “Dogs of Red Ledges”, a new featured series about Red Ledges most well-known furry friends in this Ledger and the Ledgers to come. We are pawsitive that they will make you smile!  The dog days of summer are almost upon us, but the dogs of Red Ledges […]