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Club and Community Association Staff

The Red Ledges club and community association staff is committed to making our members feel at home—blending luxury and comfort. Whether you are a new member or an established resident, this directory will help you direct your questions and comments to the right team member. 

John “JJ” Johnson

General Manager: Club and Community Association

As the general manager, JJ oversees the entire operations of the club and community association, its amenities, and overall member experience. Johnson has been at Red Ledges since the club’s inception in 2009 and has enjoyed watching the club grow and meeting each member who has driven the community’s growth.

Daniel Thompson

Assistant General Manager, Food & Beverage Director

Daniel Thompson started at Red Ledges in 2009 as the executive chef. However, in 2021, Thompson was promoted and became the assistant general manager and director of food and beverage. Although you might catch Thompson in the kitchen, he spends most of his time overseeing day-to-day operations.

Stephanie Potempa

Events Director

Stephanie Potempa uses her considerable skills and friendly energy to bring the best activities and events to Red Ledges. From wilderness guide to events planner to writer, Potempa, a Utah Renaissance woman, brings our community a variety of activities and events that make an engaging mountain lifestyle easy to embrace.

Maryse Mits

Member Services Manager

Maryse Mits’ background is in customer service and the hospitality industry, making her a great addition to the member services team in 2020. Mits’ member services team provides Red Ledges’ residents with a range of information—from dinner reservations at the Juniper Grill to answering questions about the property.

Jennifer Miller

Membership Coordinator

When Jennifer Miller first started at Red Ledges, Miller served residents as a concierge at the member services desk. Miller was recently promoted to member services coordinator. Miller’s role is to help new Red Ledges club members make the most of their new membership as quickly as possible.

Jeremy Fleming

Director of Facility and Home Services

Jeremy Fleming, the director of facility and home services, has been with Red Ledges since 2020 In this role, Fleming leads a team that is responsible for making sure the Club’s facilities are looking their best while also helping members with various home services, including home inspections, white glove projects, and more—follow the link to learn more.

Clark Norris

Executive Chef

Before joining the Red Ledges culinary team in 2018, Clark worked as an executive chef at Deer Valley Resort for 30 years—known for its delicious cuisine. Norris’ creative touch and attention to detail is easy to see and taste at both the Juniper Grill and the Poolside restaurant at the Village Center.

Michael Topp

Tennis Director

Michael Topp is the director of tennis at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Red Ledges. Topp leads a team that teaches tennis and pickleball clinics for children and adults at skill levels ranging from beginner to expert. Additionally, our program offers opportunities for skill development through league play between members. Click here to learn more about our tennis and pickleball program.

Brenda Metzger

Owner and Operator of KB HORSES

Brenda Metzger is the owner and operator of KB HORSES at Red Ledges. Riding with Metzger and her team teaches members what it means to partner with your horse and how to form that bond. Through this knowledge and relationship with the horse, members can experience more than a typical nose-to-tail trail ride. Follow the link to learn more about the equestrian center.

Jon Paupore

Director of Golf

Selected by Jim McLean as the director of golf for the school at Red Ledges in 2009—Jon Paupore leads an elite team of golf instructors. While working with golfers of every skill level, the team uses their experience to maximize each participant’s enjoyment and understanding of the game. Click here to meet the rest of the golf staff.

Pat Christoffer

Director of Agronomy

Pat Christoffer has a B.S. and M.S. in agronomy from Washington State University and has maintained golf courses for almost 25 years. Christoffer has worked for Red Ledges since 2007. Together, this team works to ensure Red Ledges’ members have an award-winning golf course to play on each year. 

Daine Smith

Community Association Manager

As the community association manager at Red Ledges, Daine Smith works to ensure that our growing community preserves the vision of Red Ledges—one house and neighborhood at a time. Smith’s team comes to work daily looking for ways to keep Red Ledges looking its best for residents. 

Leslie Robinson

Greeter’s Cottage Manager

Leslie Robinson manages staff members at the Greeter’s Cottages at both the Village Center and Clubhouse entrances. Leslie’s staff greets every Red Ledges member with a friendly smile and wave. If a member’s guest needs directions to their destination, the team will provide your visitor with a map and directions.

DJ Lenson

Architectural Review Committee Manager

As the ARC Manager, DJ Lenson strives to preserve the integrity of the community by working with the members, the ARC board, architects, contractors, and landscapers to ensure Red Ledges continues its vision during construction and future projects. If you’re planning to landscape, remodel your exterior, or re-stain your home, please contact Lenson.

Kelly Jerrett

A/R Specialist

Kelly Jarrett joined the Red Ledges accounting team in 2021 as the accounts receivable specialist. In this role, Jarrett is responsible for sending members a digital copy of their statement at the beginning of every month. If you have questions about your monthly statement, please contact Jarrett directly.

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