Dogs of Red Ledges – Meet Benji

Woof, woof! We may not speak their language, but we love learning about the dogs that call Red Ledges home. In each issue of The Ledger we highlight a different Red Ledges pup.

1. What is your name?

My name is Benji, which is homage to my parents’ prior beloved dog, Benny.

2. Who are your parents and what is your favorite thing about them?

Karen and Rink are my proud dog parents! They lived in Connecticut before moving to Red Ledges two years ago, and they love outdoor activities, which I am super excited about. I guess there is this place nearby in Southern Utah with a lot of red rocks and cool formations. I might even get to go there one day with them!

My favorite thing about my human parents is snuggling in their laps and chasing them around the kitchen island.

3. What kind of dog are you and when did you move to Red Ledges?

I am a Havanese and have been at Red Ledges since January. My dog friends include Charly Girl, Sundance, Bodi, Rocket, Sasha, and Pip.

4. Describe a perfect day:

My favorite day would be running around my backyard, romping through the snow on the golf park, going for scenic drives, and roasting marshmallows over the fire at night with my Mom and Dad! I’m looking forward to spending long summer evenings playing with all my doggie friends at the Golf Park and watching the sunset over Timp! I might go to one of the Summer Concert Series at the Village Center, too!

5. Do you know any good tricks?

I already know how to sit, lay down and roll over! I can also fetch, but I only bring the toy back half of the time. I’m working on being able to catch a tennis ball, but even with my mini tennis balls, it is really hard!