Dogs of Red Ledges: Meet Mozzie

We are excited to share stories about the “Dogs of Red Ledges”, a new featured series about Red Ledges most well-known furry friends in this Ledger and the Ledgers to come. We are pawsitive that they will make you smile!  The dog days of summer are almost upon us, but the dogs of Red Ledges can be seen out wagging their tails throughout the community no matter the weather!  With the beautiful Heber Valley beckoning, there’s always something fun to do no matter the season.  Whether biking, hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, playing a round at the Golf Park or simply watching the sunset with a cold drink – our 4-legged friends are always excited to join!

On Saturday, May 18th at 1:00 p.m., Red Ledges invites you and your furry friends to our first ‘Dogs of Red Ledges’ social at the Golf Park!  Red Ledges will provide plenty of frisbees, balls and chuck-its for playtime as well as complimentary hot dogs, drinks and of course dog treats! Animal Photogrpaher, Troy Graser, will be on hand to take some great shots of your four-legged friends, we’ll have a sketch artist to capture you and your pup together, dog trainer, Amy Francis will be here to give an informative talk – and 100% of the proceeds from photos, sketches and food will go to Paws for Life. Red Ledges is a proud sponsor of Paws for Life, a Heber based non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats.

Follow your favorite Red Ledges canines on Instagram (@redledgesclub) and hashtag your own favorite doggie pics #dogsofredledges. In the meantime, meet Mozzie, one of the most well known and beloved dogs here at the Club!  Mozzie can be seen with her human, Mitchel Burns out chasing balls on the Golf Park or at the office in the Red Ledges Sales Center where she is the consummate greeter of UPS deliveries and successful beggar of belly rubs.   

Ledger: What kind of dog are you?

Mozzie: Happy!

Ledger: Ok…but what breed?

Mozzie: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Ledger: Who are you named after?

Mozzie: The first thing you need to know is that my real name is Moskowitz. I got that name from the first family that I lived with in New York City. They had two young boys and their father would read to them every night their favorite book, “The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man with Moskowitz the Awesome Dog.” So, when I came along, it was natural for them to call me Moskowitz. When I moved to Utah, my new family gave me the nickname Mozzie or The Moz or Moz-tastic or Moz-eltov or Moz-erati or Moz-arella…

Ledger: Do you know any good tricks?

Mozzie: I can control the minds of humans and make them do whatever I want. I do this by doing a perfect sit (see the picture below) and stare at them without moving or blinking for extended periods of time. Eventually, they relent/understand and I get what I want (food, treats, walks, belly rubs, etc.).

Ledger: What was the last time you got into some mischief?

Mozzie: Are you kidding me? I am perfect! I never get into trouble (except when I bark at the Deer crossing through my Golf Park)

Ledger: Do you have a favorite playmate at Red Ledges?

Mozzie: Of course! Annica, my favorite human!

Ledger: Describe for us your perfect day?

Mozzie: Wake up, jump on the bed and get a belly rub. Have some breakfast. Do my business. Chase the rabbit that lives in the backyard. Take a nap. Go on a walk with Annica around the Golf Park. Chase the marmots living in the rocks near the Village Center. Have some Dinner. Watch TV (and get belly rubs) with Annica and Mitchel.