Dogs of Red Ledges: Meet Sundance Meisner

Resort Community in Heber, UtahWho are your dog parents and what is your favorite thing about them?
Lisa and Bill Meisner. My mom and dad are always doing something; golfing, taking Stephanie’s classes, going for walks, and more, but they always include me and make me the center of their universe!

What is your name? And, where did the name originate from?
My name is Sundance! My dog parents were hiking at Sundance Resort three years ago when they met a puppy from my breeder and hatched a plan to adopt
me someday. They were also at Sundance when they decided to move to Utah! It was meant to be.

What kind of dog are you? And, do are your best dog/human friends?
I am an English Cream Retriever (White Golden). I love all dogs, especially those who will play with me. I am good buddies with Rudy, Abbey and Caspian in Red Ledges!

When is your birthday? Or, your “adopt-me” day?
March 4, 2020 – I may only be 5 months old, but I’m already getting so big!

Describe a perfect day at Red Ledges…
First my mom makes me breakfast before a play-date with one of my Red Ledges buddies. Then it’s time for a big lunch and a long nap, followed by belly rubs. I love to go to dinner on the patio at the Juniper Grill – I get to eat crumbs off the ground and I get so much attention. A perfect night would end with saying hi to some of my neighbor friends on our nightly walk.

If you were a human, what would be your favorite food? Favorite season?
My favorite food as a human would be steak – it is also my favorite food as a dog. I’m pretty spoiled, but I think I deserve it. I’m not sure which season is my favorite yet – I have only been through spring and part of summer so far! I am worried my parents might lose me in what they call snow…

When was the last time you got into some mischief?
Every night I steal my mom’s shoes.

Do you know any good tricks?
Yes! I was able to trick my mom to let me sleep on the bed! It was pretty easy actually.