From the Summits to the Streets

As you drive through Red Ledges, you will find the names of Utah mountain peaks on street signs at each corner. When the developers of Red Ledges began to name the streets they wanted to pay homage to the mountains that provide Red Ledges with views and recreational access. Below is a closer look at five of the highest mountain peaks in Utah, starting with Mount Timpanogos, the iconic mountain seen from the Heber Valley.

1 – Mt. Timpanogos – Elevation 11,749 feet

Mt. Timpanogos, or Timp, is part of the Wasatch Mountains and is the second highest peak in Utah. As you know, Timp is what makes Red Ledges’ view so special. Stephanie, Red Ledges’ Activities Director, guides members on a group day-hike to the summit every year to challenge members, enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, see mountain goats, and check yet another peak off their list. The hike takes about 9-10 hours and covers over 14 miles of trail.

2 – Kings Peak – Elevation 13,528 feet

Kings Peak is the highest mountain in Utah, and is located in the nearby Uinta Mountain Range. The peak is named for Clarence King, the first Director of the United States Geological Survey, who had done surveys in the Utah area. Summiting Kings Peak is no easy feat as it is 28 long miles. It is recommended that you do it as an overnight backpacking trip – if it is on your bucket list!

3- Explorer Peak – Elevation 12,708 feet

Explorer Peak is located deep in the heart of the High Uintas Wilderness area in the Ashley National Forest. The Uintas encompass over 456,000 acres and is a recreationalist’s dream with high alpine lakes, high peaks, campgrounds, hikes, and wildlife. The hike to the summit of Explorer Peak is about 26 miles and features alpine lakes, sprawling meadows, and fantastic views.

4 – Ibapah Peak – Elevation 12,087 feet

Ibapah Peak is located in the Deep Creek Mountain Range in Juab County, Utah. The trailhead is located about 4 hours from Salt Lake City, and will certainly provide hikers with solitude. From the summit, a view of Red Mountain Peak and Haystack Mountain Peak are in sight, which are also street names at Red Ledges.

5 – A1 Peak – Elevation 12,377 feet

A1 Peak is located in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, which is also part of the Uinta Mountain Range. It can be accessed by the well-known Mirror Lake Highway, a scenic bypass road, that stretches from the town of Kamas, Utah to Evanston, Wyoming. A1 Peak can be summited, but there is no well-marked trail, it is steep and you must first summit Kletting Peak. We will leave this one to the pros.