Celebrating Halloween with Friends and Neighbors

At Red Ledges, holidays like Halloween are another great reason to spend time with other members, friends, and neighbors. Here’s a glimpse into the memories our members made while celebrating Halloween 2022:

14th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

As a long-standing Red Ledges tradition, we start off the festivities the week before Halloween by decorating 60 pre-hallowed pumpkins. Members of all ages and pumpkin-decorating skill levels are welcome to paint or carve their very own pumpkin masterpiece to take home.

This event incorporates the whole Halloween experience by including chances to win prizes for the scariest, funniest, or cutest costume. Some members may even add to their costumes at the event by sitting down with a face painter.

‘Spooktacular’ Buffet Lunch

As part of the 14th Annual Pumpkin Carving event, Chef Clark Norris and his team play the role of Dr. Victor Frankenstein to make all the food come A-L-I-V-E! This unique (and frightening) Halloween-inspired spread includes spooky fruit, pumpkin spew, monster donuts, ‘spidered’ eggs, and more!

Trick-or-Treating Halloween Night

On Halloween night, members join together at the Juniper Grill in costumes and have dinner together. The 2022 Halloween pre-trick-or-treat dinner included a pasta bar, chicken broccoli penne, salad, and breadsticks. As young Red Ledges members leave dinner at the Clubhouse, it is the first stop for sweets.

Next, trick-or-treaters and their parents meet in the Clubhouse parking lot to caravan through the neighborhood. As parents drive their young goblins, princesses, witches, and ghouls watch for lit pumpkins at the end of each driveway. When these young Red Ledges members spot a lit pumpkin, they know candy awaits at the front door!

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