March Member Eblast

Club News and Events

Juniper Grill – Curbside Service
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Juniper Grill is pleased to offer curbside pickup during the current closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Service will be available daily for lunch and dinner with a wide variety of menu options.  Orders may be placed by calling 435-657-4048 between 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and will be charged to your member account. Please call when you arrive and all orders will be delivered to you outside of the Clubhouse.  Pickup available until 7:00 p.m. Please click here to see the curbside menu.

Golf Park Opening
Friday, March. 20th
We are thrilled to announce that beginning on Friday, March 20th the Golf Park will be open. For the safety of our members, and to promote social distancing, access to the Golf Park will be walking only. While out playing, you will notice that, by intention, there are no flagsticks or rakes in the bunkers. You will also notice that the cups for the holes are a half inch above the surface of the green, so that you will not have to reach into the hole to retrieve your ball.  With springtime conditions, we ask that in the presence of frost please stay off the grass. Play at the Golf Park is open to golf members only, no guests please.

Virtual Fitness Classes
Tune in and tone up! 

While classes and events are on temporary hold for the safety of our members and staff, we are working hard to bring you fun blog posts, great yoga and fitness video clips and live classes to enjoy during this time of social distancing. Stay tuned to social media and email for details.

Club News & Recap

Club Recap
While we are currently practicing social distancing in lieu of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we had a great time wrapping up the winter season together. In March we found fresh snow on snowshoe tours and at the resorts, our 4-part wellness series held its final session and Juniper Grill’s annual seafood night was a huge success!  While we are uncertain when Club activities will again resume, we are working hard to fill the spring and summer calendar with fun events and activities for the entire family, so be sure to stay tuned!

Red Ledges News
Wildlife at Red Ledges
One of the most wonderful things about living at Red Ledges is the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Not every community has herds of elk roaming through their backyards, eagles, hawks and owls soaring overhead, snowshoe hares, fox and deer spotted daily – all with the backdrop of Mt. Timpanogos. Many of you have moved here from more urban settings and seeing wildlife can be a thrilling and special part of living here.  Along with having so many deer, elk and other prey species, we also have their natural predators here too.  We are referring to the coyotes, bobcats and the occasional mountain lion.  It is important to understand that Red Ledges is adjacent to millions of acres of national forest and many miles of open space and these animals are part of the chain and are vital in keeping an important balance in the ecosystem


As we move deeper into these previously wild areas, we are certainly more likely to encounter all types of animals, including some predatory species.  It is important to understand that under normal circumstances, these predatory species do not want any human interaction, however, there may be situations when you will spot them in the community.  Please understand that your pet, whether it is in your yard or with you on a hike, may be something these predators find enticing.  For this reason, we would recommend that you keep pets on a leash when on walks and keep an eye on them if you let them out.
There are some occasions when predatory species are truly a problem and the Department of Natural Resources should be consulted. If you do see a circumstance that is out of character for one of these predators, please contact Member Services at 435-657-4080 or  The types of behavior that would cause alarm would be seeing a mountain lion during the daylight hours, having any predator making a den near a home or having predators consistently harassing pets.  Merely seeing these predators on property is typically not cause for concern and each of us should assume that they are living here and are part of the ecosystem and our landscape.

Truly, one of the best parts of living at Red Ledges is our natural setting including the flora, fauna and the wildlife.  We hope you take time to cherish our place in this amazing ecosystem.

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