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Red Ledges Member Referral Program

As a valued Red Ledges Member, you know our community is special. We’re surrounded by a stunning natural backdrop with a robust four-season experience through the amenities and activities on and around property. But ultimately, what makes our community special is YOU – our wonderful Members – who breathe life into this beautiful setting every day.

We value your contributions to the club, appreciate your support, and recognize the importance of referrals that you share with us. To show our appreciation we have formalized a referral program that is outlined below. We love having you at Red Ledges and your friends sincerely make the best additions to the club. With our new referral program, we want to thank you and reward both you and your friend with a generous $10,000 club credit each for new member referrals closing in 2024 (see policies below for details).

When you have a friend that you would like to refer, please fill out the form below, or email your Red Ledges Sales Executive, to make an introduction.

Do you have a friend who is interested in Red Ledges?

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If you have multiple referrals, please fill out one form per referral.
If you have any questions, please email sales@redledges.com, or call 435.657.4090.

Red Ledges Member Referral Policies 2024

  1. This offer applies to new club memberships completed in 2024 associated with developer-owned homesites and homes only. The developer selling entity is Red Leges Land Development.
  2. The $10,000 referral club credit (the “RCC”) rewarded to each the referring member and the referred member is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  3. The RCC may not be applied toward HOA dues or activities by third party providers; including the Deer Crest Club at St. Regis Deer Valley,
    Stag Lodge, or KB Horses. RCC may be used for other expenses at the Juniper Grill, Village Center Grill, Signature Golf Shop, and for any Club sponsored events and activities.
  4. This RCC opportunity does not apply to prospect names that are already in our database but not currently associated with you as the referring member. If you are a friend of a prospect, but they came to us because of our direct marketing efforts rather than directly from your referral, you are not eligible for RCC. Please email sales@redledges.com or call 435.657.4090 with any questions regarding a specific individual who may already be in our database.
  5. There is no limit to how many new prospects an existing member may refer, but the conversion from prospect to membership must happen in the 2024 calendar year in order to earn RCC.
  6. A maximum of one RCC will be given for any successful membership sale(s) related to any one specific developer owned property.
  7. If you receive RCC, in accordance with U.S. tax law we are required to send to you and file with the IRS a Form-1099 Misc. Please consult your tax professional with any questions.
  8. Current or Past Members repurchasing property in Red Ledges are not eligible for the RCC.
  9. Real Estate Agents who are earning Buyer Agency Fees are not eligible for this Referral Program.