At Red Ledges, the “Director of Fun” keeps members active, engaged and smiling

By Lauren Glendenning, Park Record

Photos courtesy of Red Ledges
During winter, Red Ledges members ski Deer Valley together twice per week.

Red Ledges offers group activities for its members that range from quiet book clubs to thrilling biking and skiing excursions

As the Director of Fun at Red Ledges, Stephanie Potempa’s days range from leading hikes around the gorgeous Heber Valley to organizing community events such as dances or Fourth of July festivities.

Her job title says a lot, but the fact that Red Ledges has such as position on its staff says even more about the type of lifestyle it encourages for its residents.

One of the biggest philosophies in Potempa’s “Fun” department is to offer a variety of different activities for members, she said.

“Not everyone wants to mountain bike or sit around and play bridge, so we make sure to offer a lot of different things,” she said. “From workout classes such as yoga, boot camp and pilates, to outdoor things like fly-fishing casting clinics, hiking, biking and sailing — we want to make sure we have something to offer for every resident.”

Meeting neighbors

Summer fun often includes group hikes or bike excursions, and members ski together at Deer Valley on Wednesdays and Thursdays during winter.

“We have private access with the Deer Crest Club in the St. Regis — our members are able to go up there and access the mountain that way,” Potempa said. “On Wednesdays, we meet early for ‘Rippin’ Wednesdays,’ and on Thursdays we meet at noon for ‘Cruiser Thursdays’ — for the people who want to start a little later when it warms up.”

These more established, popular activities have a solid turnout week after week, but Potempa is always looking for new ways to keep Red Ledges members active, engaged and socializing. She promotes the activities through social media, the online community calendar and through email blasts.

“I’m definitely away from the desk more than I’m at it, which is great for our residents,” she said.

With fun in mind, suggestions are welcomed

Not every activity involves outdoor recreation, although it’s easy to see why those activities are so popular in the beautiful Heber Valley. Potempa said there’s a book club at Red Ledges, as well as groups who get together to knit, play bridge or pickleball.

Summer activities are especially family- and- kid-friendly, such as arts-and-crafts or scavenger hunts. Winter activities include some of the above mentioned indoor activities, as well as plenty of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and alpine skiing or snowboarding, of course.

With such an extensive list of activities available, Potempa still loves it when members suggest new ideas. She recently helped plan a community dance at the suggestion of a member. More than 60 people turned out for the occasion, which included a live DJ and an outdoor dance floor.

“Our members are what makes my job so fun,” Potempa said. “They’re good people who want to get out and stay active and meet their neighbors. They’re building a community here where people want to come out and do things together.”

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