The quality of Red Ledges as a community is reflected in the land planning, the amenities, the club’s services, and in the quality of the homes. The community has a helpful and proactive Architecture Review Committee, whose goal is to make sure that families looking to build a home in the community are able to do so efficiently and in keeping with the community’s design standards. The ARC’s dedication to the aesthetic and the preservation of the nature of the land has helped to make Red Ledges what it is today – and they are dedicated to helping you design your dream home at Red Ledges.

An initial step in the ARC’s support efforts is the checklist below, which can help property owners, architects and builders to move through the process efficiently. As there are more and more folks seeking to build here, understanding this basic process is crucial for all. The ARC’s checklist is designed to be simple, and is for the benefit of all Red Ledges owners – please take a look, and let us know how we can help you!



For specific information on building at Red Ledges, please reach out to your Red Ledges Realty Sales Executive, or email