Red Ledges Homebuilding – Under One Roof

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Rex McGuire, VP of Operations (left) and Jeff Barbee his right hand man (right)

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of creating a custom home that is flawlessly designed to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences, but where do you begin?

Mother Nature created the perfect foundation, the beautiful landscape of Red Ledges, and we make it easy for you to build on it. Red Ledges Homebuilding (RLHB) is a team of architects, designers, builders and project managers who are dedicated to building custom homes at Red Ledges. Their mission is to deliver the most streamlined, cost-effective solutions, defining luxury homebuilding excellence at Red Ledges with full project management services under one roof. They provide complete project management services from the initial site planning to final landscaping, so you can spend more time enjoying the Red Ledges lifestyle.

Red Ledges Homebuilding is led by experienced VP of Operations, Rex McGuire. Rex has years of experience building custom homes and has continually impressed clients with his attention to detail, clear and consistent communication, and streamlined management of the build and financial commitment. Rex and his right-hand-man Jeff Barbee, and their on-site team, oversee custom home builds as well as Red Ledges developer properties, including the new Village Center Cabins, Club Cabins and Cottages at Kings Peak.

If you are thinking of building a home on your homesite, have a vision for a dream home, or need fresh design ideas, Red Ledges Homebuilding is a one-stop-shop. Our clients love the RLHB Design Studio, which features hand-selected finishes organized in one space. What are you waiting for? Many people are planning their homes and new lifestyles at Red Ledges, and starting the homebuilding process, today. You can too! Learn more about Red Ledges Homebuilding at