Red Ledges – The perfect Rocky Mountain basecamp for skiers

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Soon, the ski season will be here and dozens of residents of Red Ledges will be hitting the slopes and enjoying the crisp mountain air as part of the community’s ski club. The club is just one of many activities offered for those who reside and recreate at Red Ledges.

Eric Gingras, who heads up the ski club at Red Ledges, said that there are usually over 50 members of diverse abilities who participate in the club. Beginning in January every year, the group heads to the pristine mountains to enjoy fresh snow, cozy fireplaces, warm meals and good company. The club’s “home mountain” is Deer Valley Resort, but they also visit and ski at Alta, Snowbasin, Snowbird and Whisper Ridge. The club gets out together at least eight different times throughout the season.

Red Ledges’ affiliation with the Deer Crest Club, a private club at the Deer Valley St. Regis, allows their members to be on the slopes at Deer Valley Resort in less than 15 minutes. This partnership with the Deer Crest Club offers special access to Deer Valley through the Deer Crest community, which drastically reduces the driving time to the resort. Members of Red Ledges also enjoy the use of the Deer Crest Club and the Stag Lodge, two private ski-in, ski-out lounges.

 Typically, the skiers divide into two different groups — the “Rippers” and the “Cruisers,” to glide over the famous Utah snow. Then, they meet for lunch and enjoy each other’s company. “It’s about fun, camaraderie, enjoying good weather and enjoying good skiing,” Gingras said.

The ski club is open to anyone who is a member of Red Ledges and many different ages participate, all that is needed is a lift ticket or ski pass. Red Ledges provides the proximity to beautiful mountains and deluxe ski resorts, an organized ski club, invitations to each event and a great group of people to ski with.

In April, the ski club will participate in an even that they call the Triple Play, which is an exciting way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Skiing in the morning, lunch together, then playing nine holes of golf at Red Ledges’ award-winning golf course comprise the day. “It’s a fun way to enjoy what Red Ledges has to offer,” Gingras said. The Triple Play is typically held during the first week of the month.

Red Ledges is the perfect place to hang your ski jacket at the end of a long day on the slopes to relax.