Red Ledges Wins UTSA – Tennis Award

We are thrilled to announce that the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School, at Red Ledges, was named the Organization of the Year for 2019 by the Utah Tennis Association! This award was given to a United States Tennis Association member in Utah to recognize them for their work in supporting and promoting the sport of tennis in all ages.


“This is a tribute to the dedication from our Director of Tennis Michael Topp, who has guided the consistent and continued growth of the Red Ledges tennis program,” said John Johnson, General Manager, Red Ledges. “Michael has been instrumental to ensure several new USTA league teams have been created and that our members here are part of a vibrant, thriving tennis program. We are truly honored to receive this award.”


Allyson Sundberg, District Adult League Coordinator for the Utah Tennis Association, noted she is continually impressed by what she sees from Red Ledges’ tennis program. “They have such great teams with beautiful sportsmanship,” Sundberg said. “It starts at the top with Michael Topp and filters down to all the players in the facility.”


Congrats to Michael Topp , Cliff Drysdale Tennis and the Red Ledges tennis programs. We love to see the enthusiasm for our tennis programs year-round – on our beautiful outdoor courts in the summer and in the tennis-bubble in the winter!


To read more about the award and the Red Ledges tennis program, click here.