Learn How to Register your Handicap

The purpose of establishing a Golf Handicap is to provide greater enjoyment for all who play the game by enabling players of all abilities, from anywhere in the world, to play and compete with one another on a fair basis.  If you have not yet established a handicap and an official USGA GHIN number, please contact the Signature Shop and we can get you registered.  There is a $40 annual charge when obtaining a handicap from the Utah Golf Association.  Once you have posted 54 holes, you will have a Handicap Index the very next day.

Once you have a Handicap Index, please note the Rules of Golf state that you MUST post your score immediately after playing a 9- or 18-hole round of golf as your handicap is updated overnight!  As an extension of the Rules of Golf, your handicap and accuracy are core tenet to competitive amateur golf.  If you plan to play in any Club golf tournaments it your responsibility to maintain an accurate handicap and help us to have fair and fun events for all members and guests of the Club.  Please be the golfer everyone enjoys competing with and not the one who others doubt the integrity of their handicap!  Should you have any further questions or would like more clarification, please reach out to Director of Golf Jon Paupore or Head Golf Professional Derek Butts as they would be happy to assist.