Reasons why you might want to call Utah home

Red Ledges, a mountain community nestled in hills of the Heber Valley in Utah, features stunning landscapes, luxury homes, and a myriad of amenities and activities for their members to enjoy. Alongside our luxury community’s many offerings, its location within the beautiful state of Utah brings many people to the community. From the close proximity to ski resorts and mountain trails to the milder climate and family-friendly atmosphere, there are many reasons to love the state of Utah. We are lucky to call this beautiful state our home. 


Hiking in Park City UtahUtah is one of the places in the U.S. that experiences the beauty of all four seasons. These seasons, along with Utah’s unique landscape, enable a myriad of outdoor activities all year long. Almost anywhere you go, you can access trails for running, hiking, or biking. Here at Red Ledges, there is a trail system within the community and even more trails in the Heber Valley. There are many reservoirs and lakes throughout Utah, where many people go boating, swimming, and fishing. Two of these reservoirs, Deer Creek and Jordanelle, are both a 10 minute drive from Red Ledges. 

With Salt Lake City as the hub for the 2002 Winter Olympics, it’s no wonder that winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing are a big part of Utah mountain lifestyle. Cross Country Skiing in Park City UtahThere is no better place to live as a ski or snowboard aficionado, with 10 world class resorts within a one-hour radius of Salt Lake City with more resorts scattered throughout the state. Skiing the greatest snow on earth has never been easier. Our Red Ledges community is located just 10 minutes from Deer Valley and other Park City resorts and 20 minutes from Sundance Resort. Ski lovers here at Red Ledges have easy access to several resorts as well as social activities and ski days with the Red Ledges Ski Club.


One of the biggest selling points of Utah are the spectacular views that you get throughout the state. Everywhere you go you either have stunning mountain ranges in the background with fantastic rocks and beautiful trees, or you are surrounded by colorful red rock structures. The natural beauty of Utah is breathtaking and it makes anywhere you live within the state just a little bit better. One of the best ways to appreciate the diverse beauty of the Utah landscape is to spend time in one of the seven national parks within the state. From the famous Delicate Arch in Arches National Park to the largest concentration of Hoodoos (irregular columns of rocks) in Bryce Canyon National Park, there is always something cool to see and explore. 

Utah’s mild climate entices many people who want to escape the harsher climates of states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Here in Utah, the summer heat isn’t harsh enough to keep everyone inside during the day. You’ll find people hanging out at the park, relaxing at the pool, or out being active. As it cools down in the evening, the summer nights here are refreshing. There is nothing better than a summer night spent on your porch. 

Luxury Community Lifestyle at Red LedgesIf you are a frequent traveler, proximity to a good airport is important. The Salt Lake International Airport is a large travel hub with more than 370 flights departing daily to 99 non-stop destinations. The airport has plans to expand in the next couple years, the first phase of expansion opening in September of 2020. With the drive from Red Ledges to the Salt Lake Airport clocking in at about 45 minutes, the proximity to the airport makes your travel days easier. 


One thing that draws many people to Utah is its economy. Utah has low taxes and a low cost of living which makes it an attractive option for many people as they think about relocating. The workforce is booming and industry and businesses are growing. Because of the growing workforce and relatively low costs of business, lots of industries and businesses are choosing to make Utah their home base – the “Silicon Slopes” and “Bionic Valley” being prime examples. Located south of Salt Lake, the Silicon Slopes are home to an ever growing number of tech firms and startups. Located in Salt Lake City, the  “Bionic Valley” is a hub for bioengineering. The real estate market in Utah is stable with demand for homes steadily increasing. Here at Red Ledges, our sales in June were up exponentially from last year and are continuing that trend in July. 

The primary goal of our Red Ledges developers was to create a community where members could experience the mountain lifestyle of Utah. They aim to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and to create a luxury community unlike any other. We love Utah and we love living in such a beautiful and unique state. Contact our Red Ledges Sales Team to learn more about Red Ledges.