Meet Our Staff Series – An Internship Project

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’ve been doing an internship with the Red Ledges marketing department this summer. I’m finishing up my internship here, and I’ve had such a fun time with my project of helping you meet our staff.

This project was meant to help Red Ledges members connect with our staff on a more personal, authentic level. During each week of the summer, employees from different Red Ledges amenities were featured. View this video for an introduction to this project:

I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many great people here (both members and staff), and I want to share that with you. As Tony Burns describes Red Ledges in the video below, “The beauty is more than the mountains. The beauty is in the people.”

Come meet some of the staff members that make Red Ledges special for you. Click this link to see who we met each week!

To view this series on our Instagram page, click here to visit our profile and click on the “Meet Staff” highlights on our profile page.