Village Center Greeter’s Cottage Update

The new Village Center Greeter’s Cottage was announced on November 11, 2021. This new amenity is designed to provide members with the best experience, while keeping pace with our growth and improving community security.

The staffing patterns, management, technology, and layout of the new Village Center Greeter’s Cottage will mirror the setup and processes of the existing Greeter’s Cottage. These matching features include:

  • Staff assisting members, vendors, and guests from the cottage from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily.
  • Leslie Robinson, the current Greeter’s Cottage manager, will continue to oversee staff at both entrances.
  • MyQ, a digital system, allows members to generate a time specific access code for guests. Upon arrival, guests can enter the code into the podium just outside the cottage to enter the community.
  • Two entrance lanes to efficiently separate member traffic from vendor and guest traffic.

The Red Ledges Construction has already started construction, watch the videos below to see how the team built the new Greeter’s Cottage:


First the team focused on moving the landscaping that was planted in the original roundabout. The trees, bushes, and flowers were all moved up to the new Village Center Mail Hut. Here is a quick recap:

Foundation and Framing

Next, the Red Ledges Construction team added the foundation. Once the concrete cured, the team started framing the new Greeter’s Cottage based on the architectural plans. This process brought some heavy equipment to the job site. Here’s a behind the scenes look:

As the process continues, our team will add additional video updates to this article. We anticipate a grand opening for this new amenity in fall of 2022.

Images provided are solely for illustrative purposes and may not accurately represent the final construction of the amenity. Layout and finishes for completed construction may vary from those contained in the renderings and plans. The specific features, floor plans, square footage, dimensions and design elements in the rendering are subject to change.