4th of July Extravaganza

The Red Ledges 15th Annual Independence Day Celebrations is one of the biggest holiday celebrations of the year! Our club staff spends at least six months planning this event, creating an unforgettable experience for our members, their friends, and family.

The events on Independence Day weekend are designed so that everyone, no matter their age, has something fun to do. Here are the five ways the Red Ledges community celebrated July 4, 2022:

Special Edition to the 4th Annual Summer Concert Series

Red Ledges members line dancing at the 15th Annual Independence Day Celebration.

To kick things off, DJ Dolph played everyone’s favorite songs from the radio. Meanwhile, kids played in bounce houses, painted their faces, posed for charactercher drawings, and watched their favorite animals get tied out of balloons!

As family and friends started thinking about dinner, there were a lot of choices. From Red Ledges’ traditional fried chicken dinner to choosing between several highly-rated food trucks. There were also pretzels and ice cream snacks available for everyone—providing the perfect setting to spend time with friends and neighbors casually.

As the second band to play in the Red Ledges’ summer concert series, the Charlie Jenkins Band played the most popular country songs, sampling from several decades. Members of all ages took to the dance floor, and line danced until the sun set behind Mount Timpanogos. 

Fireworks Show

The setup for the Red Ledges firework show starts in the early afternoon and is completed just before the first firework is lit. While members enjoy the concert, they can look to the right of the festivities and watch the firework display as it is set up on the driving range.

After the concert ended at sunset, a unique mix of patriotic and pop music started playing on the stage’s speakers. Seconds later, the first firework shot into the sky and exploded with an incredible blend of colors and shapes. The show featured many large professional-grade fireworks, and the spectacular display lasted 20 minutes. Here is a recap of the concert and firework show:


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4th of July Weekend Golf Tournament

The teams that compete in the Blue, White, and Red Ledges Golf Tournament like to dress up.

The Blue, White, and Red Ledges Golf Tournament is one of the biggest tournaments of the summer season. Before the contest starts, members may enjoy breakfast before heading out to the driving range and practice putting green to warm up before the 8:00 a.m. shotgun start.

At 8:00 a.m. sharp, members walk over to their perfectly aligned golf carts and head out to their first assigned tee. The members will enjoy lunch together at the Clubhouse when they return from their round of golf. Before lunch is over, Jon Paupore, Red Ledges director of golf, always announces the tournament’s winner.

This tournament is designed to play the best ball out of the participating foursome. If you want to participate in this tournament next year, sign up early as the tournament is limited—the participant limit helps ensure the proper pace of play.

Impromptu Horse Parade

Brenda Metzger, a founding member and the owner and operator of KB HORSES at Red Ledges, challenged her staff to decorate their horses in a patriotic Independence Day-inspired theme. Once everyone was dressed up—the employees asked to walk through the neighborhood.

Metzger followed the team through the neighborhood with her truck to make sure the property was left spotless. As the parade progressed through the community, members started looking out their windows to see what was happening.

Although planning for the 2023 Independence Day weekend is still being brainstormed—there is interest in turning this event into tradition. If you missed the inaugural parade, here is a video that shows all the horses and riders dressed up:


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Steel Drums and BBQ at the Village Center Pool

Red Ledges New Village Center
The Village Center Pool is where the team hosted the Steel Drum and BBQ event.

Summer holidays are best enjoyed by soaking up rays by the pool while tasting BBQ—provided by R&R Barbeque. To liven up the celebration, the Red Ledges Club staff invited the steel drum band from Park City High School to play poolside.

On behalf of the Red Ledges staff, we would like to thank all the members that came to this year’s Independence Day celebration events. If you would like to become a member so you can join the community celebrations next year, please reach out to our sales team.