Fly Above Red Ledges’ Nature Preserve

A view of Red Ledges' nature preserveDid you know that Red Ledges has a nature preserve conservation easement? We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places, and Red Ledges is striving to take care of our land and keep it beautiful. Recently, the Utah Open Lands (UOL) Conservation Association visited Red Ledges to conduct an annual monitoring visit of our nature preserve.

What is a Nature Preserve Conservation Easement?

According to, “A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement entered into voluntarily and mutually between a landowner and UOL, protecting the land from some or all future development in perpetuity.” In short, it’s a way to conserve our open land.

A map of Red Ledges' nature preserveWhere is Red Ledges’ Nature Preserve?

Red Ledges’ nature preserve is located on the northeastern part of the community—on the ridge above the 12th and 13th fairways. It consists of 395 acres total and has a mountain biking trail that runs through it, which allows our community to enjoy the beauty of the conserved open land. This photo shows where the nature preserve is located on a map.

What Did the Monitoring Visit Find at Red Ledges?A view from Red Ledges' nature preserve

UOL observes certain conservation values during a monitoring visit to make sure the nature preserve is healthy and thriving, with both native plants and animals. The conservation values of Red Ledges’ conservation easement are that the property is scenic, is a natural habitat, and is used for public recreation/education.

At Red Ledges particularly, UOL looks for healthy plants, such as sagebrush and juniper, and the absence of noxious weeds. UOL also looks for the presence of natural species such as Northern Harrier, Mountain Cottontail Rabbit, and hooved animals such as Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, and Moose.

UOL also conducts monitoring to “ensure that the terms of the easement are being followed, note the protection of the conservation values, document major changes and observe potential issues” (

At Red Ledges, the UOL monitor and reviewer found the following during their visit here: “Overall, Red Ledges Nature Preserve appears in healthy, undisturbed condition and continues to provide invaluable habitat for a myriad of flora and fauna. The trail appears in good condition with very little erosion and a good population of vegetation bordering the trail. Many wildlife and wildlife indicators were observed during our visit.”

To enjoy the beautiful land and view from Red Ledges’ nature preserve, you can get out on the trail or watch this aerial video!