Dogs of Red Ledges – Meet Charly Girl

Woof, woof! We may not speak their language, but we love learning about the dogs that call Red Ledges home. In each issue of The Ledger we highlight a different Red Ledges pup.

1. What is your name and where did the name originate?

My name is Charly Girl…my mom always names her puppies after a member of her family. Her father’s middle name was Charles. My mom thought I was going to be a boy but when she got to the breeder, she fell instantly in love with me…thus Charly Girl!

2. Who are your dog parents?

My parents, Wendy and Jay, really spoil me. They told me that they used to live in Park City for over 20 years but they moved to Red Ledges four years ago because they loved the view, amenities and activities here. I think they made the right decision because I love the trails and dogs at Red Ledges. Plus, Wasatch State Park and Sundance Resort are nearby. My mom hiked Timp last year and I think she might take me next time!

3. What is the first thing you tell the other dogs you meet?

I have very rare markings, so, I’m extra special and very cute. I look more like my mom than my dad, and I am a super lucky puppy because I get to live in the best place in the world (Red Ledges!) and the Golf Park is right in my backyard, so I get to see people and their dogs all day long!

4. What kind of dog are you?

I am a mini-parti (which means I’m tri-colored ), Golden Doodle. I’m really lucky because my mom’s son has a Golden Doodle named Colby and she lives in my house part time so I mostly play with her. When I first arrived at Red Ledges I was pretty little so a lot of the dogs didn’t play with me, but now that I’m bigger I play with Jack (Aussie), Rudy and Sada (Golden Retrievers), Lilly (a mini Golden Doodle who I’m related to), Sundance (English Cream Retriever), and my newest friend Benji (Havanese), who is my boyfriend!

5. When did you come home to Red Ledges?

I was born on September 10, 2020 and came home to Red Ledges November 1, 2020. My parents thought their new house would be perfect for a puppy because they had a lot of neighbors that had dogs.

6. Describe a perfect day:

Usually my mom and dad take me everywhere, but I am not allowed at my mom’s dance or yoga classes. The perfect day would be going to the Golf Park all day to run around and chase my friends. Then I would join my mom and dad on a hike with the other members and their dogs.

7. Do you know any good tricks?

I haven’t learned any tricks yet. I’m a little behind in the training process because my mom and dad ski every day, but I hear that’s coming up in the spring!