The New Migration to Utah

Red Ledges Park City Mountain Resort

By John Johnson, General Manager | Red Ledges Club and Community

As most of you already know, the secret is out about Red Ledges. Once, not that long ago, we were a little known community, in a little known valley in one of America’s least populated states. This certainly isn’t the case any longer. Whether you came here for the Utah powder we are famous for or the lesser known perfect summers – the secret is out. Life here is pretty much what our members dreamed of, a life filled with outdoor adventure at any time of the year. In a sense, many of you are “modern pioneers” leaving one place, going to another, for a “better life.”

As an early Red Ledges “pioneer” myself, I often wondered who our members would be and where would they come from. I myself moved my family here from Florida, which at the time seemed a world away from Utah. Which really got me wondering, where are all of our members from?… it’s a question that we get asked all the time…”where are all of these people like me from?”

Well, I can say that the Red Ledges family is one that is as diverse as the endless activities that Utah has to offer. Our members come from 34 different states and at least 2 foreign countries! 21 of these states are east of the Mississippi River and represent nearly 100 Red Ledges families. The top six states represented by current owners in order are Utah, California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Nevada. Unlike the westward migration of the late 1800’s, this one is happening from all directions! Funnily enough, most of the people that list Utah as home are also not from Utah, but have fully adopted Utah as their home state.

This leads me to another frequently asked question. How many people live full time at Red Ledges? While I cannot give you an exact number, mostly because that number increases every day, I can say that the number of full time residents lies somewhere between 50-60% of the completed homes. With the Utah lifestyle, open spaces, fresh air and endless recreational opportunities at our fingertips, that number has exceeded our expectations. Additionally, 20-25% of our members are here as part time seasonal and another 10-15% here as vacationing members. So while we are not the pioneers of old, we are all part of the great new migration to Utah!