Trail Talk – Exploring the Path Less Traveled

With so many paths to explore in and around Red Ledges, its important to remember to have fun and be courteous while on the trail. We’ve put together a list of best practices in trail etiquette for your next trip to the mountains.

Leave no Trace
Pack it in, pack it out! Pick up dog waste and leave trails better than you found them.

What goes in our rivers, comes out very quickly in our faucets. Be mindful of obeying posted rules in watershed areas by leaving your furry friends at home.

Don’t Pick the Flowers
Leave wildflowers for others to enjoy and so that they have a chance to reseed for years to come. Picking flowers on public lands is actually illegal in Utah.

Stay on the Trail
Cutting trails (taking shortcuts), causes erosion and damage to the trails. Also, following precipitation remember the rule – wet ground, turn around!

Right of Way
Be mindful of who has the right of way. Uphill traffic always has the right of way. Bikers yield to hikers, everyone yields to horses.

Group Size
Be mindful of the size of your group when hiking to allow the trails to be enjoyed peacefully for everyone and with minimal impact.

Practice 5 Seconds of Kindness
Take a moment to smile and say hello to your fellow hikers.